Can A Person Overdose On Nicotine By Using An E-Cigarette

Overdosing on The Nicotine in an E-Cigarette

It’s a scary thought, so it’s no wonder people are inquiring.

This commonly asked question has a short and long answer.

The short answer?


No, you will not overdose when using an electronic cigarette, unless you do one or more of the following:
1. DRINK your e-liquid.
2. BREATHE through your e-cigarette for days on end.
3. Continue to use the e-cigarette even when your body tells you to STOP.
4. BATHE in the e-liquid.

The End.

The long answer? Read on.

Smokers have been using tobacco cigarettes without fear of nicotine overdosing or poisoning, so why is there this sudden concern about the nicotine content in e-cigarettes?

The e-cigarette is, as of date, unregulated by the FDA, so there is naturally concern for using a product that has not gone through “strict” and “rigorous” supervision for safety by our trusty Federal government. Then, there is our media, warning us of the impending doom of using such a device.

They even said kids may die from nicotine overdoses, but, in reality, nnicotine patches and gums hold that title.

In the midst of all the scaremongering, one question is left unanswered: Where’d the common sense go?

Your Body Will Tell You When To Stop

While it may seem #2 is something hardcore vapers engage in all day, the truth is not even they will puff on their e-cigarettes all day long for many days. It just isn’t humanly possible.

Our bodies are hardwired to TELL us when we are sick. The symptoms of cancer and life-threatening disease may go unnoticed for a while, but the body eventually reacts to the changes that are going on within. Your body’s ability to tell you something’s wrong is a blessing in disguise, and the messages our bodies tell us should never be ignored.

When the body becomes overloaded with nicotine, you may feel nausea, dizziness, weakness, sweating, and/or palpitations. Stronger reactions to nicotine may include difficulty breathing, fainting, and even seizure.

Listen to your body and use common sense. If you feel ANY sort of pain, discontinue use. If you’ve used the e-cigarette for too long, there’s a very good chance you may feel one or more of these symptoms. The same applies to smoking an analog. If the symptoms persist, pay a visit to your doctor.

Adjust Your Nicotine Level

The electronic cigarette’s liquid nicotine solution is not a “one size fits all” type of thing. Suppliers offer them in several nicotine strengths, ranging from a 0 nicotine to a high 24 milligrams level. The responsibility to choose the correct nicotine level lies in the hand of the consumer, who has, presumably, conducted their own investigation of what is suitable for their needs.

When choosing a nicotine level, match the strength of the e-liquid to what you are currently smoking. For example, an Ultra Light Marlboro King cigarette has .5 mg of nicotine. Most, if not all, companies do not supply a 5 mg strength, but they do supply a 6. When calculating the nicotine amount from a tobacco cigarette to an e-cigarette, the e-liquid is 1/10 of the tobacco cigarette. So, you’re not breathing in 6 mg, but .6. offers an incredible source of information regarding nicotine and tar strengths. Their site covers the nicotine and tar levels of 25 major cigarette brands as well as a comprehensive list of cigarette brands in respect to their attributes: 100s, king, menthol, etc.

Batch Tested E Liquid

There is only 1 company that batch tests everything they produce and even allow it to be downloaded based on your batch testing of each flavor and nicotine strength. V2 Cigs does the batch testing to add another level of safety to E Cigarettes. You should buy an e cigarette kit if you are a smoker because it is simply the smarter choice. You can read all of our reviews here.

Apply Every Precaution When Handling E-Liquid

Take extra care when handling e-liquid with any level of nicotine, and keep all of your e-cigarette components out of the reach of all children and pets! If you can help it, don’t mix your own e-liquids. E-liquid is so inexpensive these days that it really isn’t necessary to purchase individual ingredients and mix them together.


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