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With a name like Apollo, who is the embodiment of strength and ability in mythological Green and Roman literature, this e cigarette company should deliver in both departments.

Luckily, they do, and they’ve become popular among their customers due to their high quality build and power. They are becoming an e cig brand to be recognized and are proving themselves to be an exceptional brand.

Price 4.5/5

There are four different kit options from Apollo: Standard, Extreme, Superior e-Go and VTube v3.0.

While these names may sound slightly pretentious, it has no effect on the fact that you are getting some serious bang for the buck. The Standard kit comes with 2 batteries, a portable charging case, 5 cartomizers, and 2 chargers (USB, wall) for $69.95. The Extreme kit features 2 280 mAh batteries, 5 cartomizers, and 3 chargers (USB, wall, car) for only $54.95.

For those willing to venture out and experiment with a model that doesn’t resemble an analog cigarette, the Superior eGo andVTube 3.0 are excellent choices that are more powerful and more versatile.

Customer Service 4/5

While their customer service agents were nice enough and were certainly helpful in terms of giving information, there were too many shipping hiccups to give them full points.

Warranty 3/5

Like V2 Cigs and Green Smoke, this is yet another example of a company offering a lifetime warranty that isn’t a lifetime warranty. In order to even receive a warranty, you must meet two terms that seem to somewhat contradict one another: the warranty may only be used within 60 days of the last purchase, and there’s no expiration on the warranty, although the warranty only covers the products for up to 5 times. Confusing, to say the least.

Selection 5/5

Apollo offers e liquid bottles in eight classic tobacco flavors on top of fourteen different specialty flavors. That is a great selection that goes above the norm in the industry. The cartomizers for their Standard and Extreme kits are available in five flavors.

With clearomizers, different battery colors, and charging cases, Apollo is a company that many will be pleased with for their first purchase and many purchases thereafter.

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